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We offer a wide range of commercial crushers including a range of 8 models of can crushers, 4 aerosol can crushers, 4 drum crushers, 10 glass crushers and more. Please click any of the categories below to view the models.

aerosol can crusher
Aerosol Can Crushers

Our range of 4 Aerosol Can Crushers process many different aerosol can sizes with a wide range of can content and process up to 450 aerosol cans per hour.

View the 4 Aerosol Can Crusher Models

can crusher
Can Crushers

Our range of 8 Can Crushers are designed for recycling centers, manufacturers, bottlers, breweries, bars, restaurants, cafeterias and many more businesses.

View the 8 Can Crusher Models


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drum crusher
Drum Crushers

Our range of 4 rugged Drum Crushers can crush with a force between 8,000 to 150,000 pounds to process all types of drums.

View the 4 Drum Crusher Models

glass crusher
Glass Crushers

Our range of 10 Glass Crushers can assist many different businesses, from bars and restaurants to recycling centers and manufacturers.

View the 10 Glass Crusher Models

glass pulverizer
Glass Pulverizer

The GPM Mini Pulverizer utilizes patented flexible impactor technology, and is based on a time proven design. Glass bottles up to 8” in diameter are fed onto the unit’s short conveyor and processed by the pulverizer, and then into the trommel screen.

View the Glass Pulverizer Model

paint can crusher
Paint Can, Pail and Filter Crushers

Our range of 4 powerful Paint Can, Pail and Filter Crushers process 6 gallon pails, oil filters and a variety of pails, cans and drums.

View the 4 Paint Can, Pail and Filter Crusher Models

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